The PAC-kit Planner

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The PAC-kit! Planner Agenda Calendar, designed for Kids with ADHD.

Downloadable daily dated calendar pages from now until end of 2023

Each calendar kit features: 
  •Dated pages with one day per page format, giving lots of room for kids to write BIG.
  •Separate blocks for each subject.
  •A solution for when the planner gets lost - again.
  •A simple, uncluttered design without distracting images and information.
  •Space for your child to write down homework and the books and supplies needed to complete it.
  •Checklist blocks to ensure that each item is packed - and done.
  •A place for notes to and from school.
  •Color coded spaces for each subject.
  •A system to remind you and your child of upcoming tests and projects.
  •Special, goal-setting pages for the weekend.