Waking Up from the Homework Nightmare

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How our family learned the secret of 


For homework tonight, your child has been assigned "Read Chapter 7, Section 1 in Science and answer the questions at the end of the section."

For the girl next door, that's a 15 minute proposition. For some children, probably yours, we're looking at one hour….or two.

I don't have to describe the agony to you. 

Your child isn't a strong reader. Her handwriting is horrible. He doesn't understand what he reads. There is no interest in studying that boring stuff. 

And after the science, there is math, spelling, and a book report due next Tuesday.

Welcome to the Homework Nightmare.

But I've got great news - our family woke up! And you can too...

The purpose of homework is supposed to be threefold:

1. To review material covered in class.
2. To develop study habits.
3. To enrich the curriculum.

Unfortunately, for many families, no matter its purpose, homework is a torturous affair, often leaving children and parents frustrated and angry. In the frantic effort to turn in assignments, little studying is done, and almost no learning is accomplished. The child only learns to hate school. And worse, homework becomes a major source of conflict in the family. 

I know. My name is Kayla Fay. I have four sons - three with ADHD and/or learning disabilities. I've been there many, many times. For years, our homework sessions started with tension, and ended in tears. Many times, the tears were mine. 

But over the years, we figured it out. We discovered a few simple techniques that revolutionized the way we approached and did homework and studying. And by the time we got to our third son - the one with ADHD AND learning disabilities - homework usually accomplished its true purposes. 

Waking Up From the Homework Nightmare is an online booklet that will teach you how to change your homework time so it will be what it is designed to be. With the information packed into this report, you'll learn

~ Easy techniques for learning spelling words.

~ Unique methods for making up sentences.

~ Tips on how to do word problems.

~ Hints on making math less overwhelming.

~ Ways to minimize 'cramming' the night before tests.

~ Strategies to cut your homework time in half!

~ How to teach your child to study so he or she will really learn. 

~ Methods that will work with your child in elementary school, middle school, high school and even college!

If your household suffers night after night from the recurring nightmare of yelling, crying, prodding, and struggling during homework, you owe it to yourself - you owe it to your child - to read Waking Up From the Homework Nightmare.

Waking Up from the Homework Nightmare will take you through one actual night of homework, showing you step by step how to take the stress and headache out of the ordeal:
  1. You learn how to help your child truly learn Science and Social Studies. 
  2. You find out cool ways to study Spelling, and how to get your child to make up sentences with each of the spelling words... 
  3. You gain insight into Math, how to make sure your child understands it, how to increase accuracy, how to do word problems, and how to speed up the whole process. 
  4. You are given invaluable information on how to manage those dreaded projects - book reports, science projects.
  5. You discover hint after hint on child tested, parent tested ways to minimize the time spent on homework, while maximizing the benefits

If you're tired of the recurring homework nightmare, and are ready to wake up!, you will get this report right now and read it today.